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My notes on Statistics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security


Today, your model—just like your jeans—seems to “hug” your sample data perfectly. But you want your jeans to fit a year or so down the road.

Eg of overfit model


But if we collect new data and this is what it looks like then our model wont fit anymore.


So, to take care of this, we have to have a better model right at the beginning


R sq tells you how well your model fits your sample data. Predicted R sq, aka R sq (pred), tells you how well your model predicts responses for new data. For both of these stats, 100% represents a perfect fit.

Disclaimer : These are my study notes – online – instead of on paper so that others can benefit. In the process I’ve have used some pictures / content from other original authors. All sources / original content publishers are listed below and they deserve credit for their work. No copyright violation intended.

References for these notes :


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